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New York rental guide - Intro

New York City. Three little words that mean something to practically everyone in the developed world. Its streets are famous from countless movies and TV shows, its skyline is known the world over and it's the dream of millions to move to New York and 'make it'.

Like any city worth its salt, New York has many faces. It can be remarkably simple (just look at that nice, neat grid of streets and avenues) or it can be endlessly complex. It's the largest city in the United States, with over 8 million inhabitants; some were born New Yorkers, some became New Yorkers and some just showed up with a suitcase and never left.

Whatever you reasons for moving to New York - to work, study or find your fortune - you'll need somewhere to live. New York might be the city that never sleeps but 8 million New Yorkers go home and put their heads down somewhere every night. That's where SpareRoom comes in. We've got rooms (and roommates) all over New York City, and beyond.

It can take years to get to grips with New York - until you do, check out our handy guides to living in NYC.

Start with our guides to New York's five boroughs:

We've also got one for New Jersey - not strictly a borough but definitely an option if you're looking to live in or around NYC on a budget.

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