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New York rentals - What type of person are you?'re moving to New York and want to be head over heels in love with your neighborhood. Where to go?

That depends entirely on what type of person you are.

Artists - DUMBO

There are loads of wacky acronyms for New York areas (SoHo, TriBeCa, FiDi), but DUMBO surely gets the prize for effort. It stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (and you're right, the 'Overpass' isn't strictly necessary).

DUMBO is the first Brooklyn neighborhood you'll reach when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and it's a pretty awesome place to live if you're an artist. As well as daily inspiration from the fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline, there are all sorts of converted warehouses in which to live - making it feel like you're in a real artist's studio.

You won't be the first artist to look for a room to rent in the area either: loads of creative agencies and professionals have moved here recently, and there are more than enough galleries to keep you going until you're next in Chelsea (which is pretty easy to get to on the subway).

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Students - East Village

It feels like the East Village was built especially for students, for two reasons: happy hours and hippy organic stuff. The savings made from the daily happy hours can help to fund all the hemp clothing, organic tea and protest-march placards you'll no doubt need to buy from the many rainbow-colored, incense-heavy stores in the vicinity.

What else does the East Village have to offer? Location. Unless you ever want to travel to the Upper West Side (in which case you're a student mom going on a playdate), you can easily get anywhere in the city by foot or subway. There's also a surprising community feeling. The East Village is markedly different from neighboring areas like upscale SoHo and villagey Greenwich Village and the residents seem to share a bond and - shock horror - actually smile at each other in the street.

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Foodies - Williamsburg

To be honest, if you're a foodie and you're living in New York you're doing pretty well for yourself already. Every neighborhood in the city is chock-a-block with five-star restaurants and fantastic diners, supermarkets and food markets to suit all budgets.

But if we had to pick just one place, we'd go for... Williamsburg. Yes, Williamsburg - known for its hipsters, indie rockers and tortured poets. Turns out they're also into damn good food: some of the most highly acclaimed new eateries in recent years are based here, and even non-residents are prepared to schlep across town to eat in them. There are also loads of great food markets and independent food stores.

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Young professionals - TriBeCa

Sure you want somewhere trendy and crammed full of clubs for partying the post-work night away. Sure you want somewhere with amazing restaurants for dates and meals with your friends. Sure you want to be near a ton of high-end stores where your new, grown up wage pays for tissue-wrapped dresses and monogrammed shirts.

But let's be honest here: your top priority is an easy journey to work - where you can leave the apartment at 5.45am and be chained to your desk by 6 on the dot. And work is probably somewhere downtown - like the Financial District. So you should live in TriBeCa. Because the commute will be easy, there are enough restaurants and bars to keep you happy, and you'll be able to get to sleep at night because everyone else here either works your hours or has young kids. (If you really are a burning the candle at both ends kinda person you might want to reconsider and go someplace a bit more lively).

Check out rooms for rent in TriBeCa


And there you have it! If you aren't an artist, student, foodie or young professional, let us know and we'll add some more suggestions.

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