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  • 24, professional male
  • Small or large wanted

Total budget: $500 monthly


Good morning on this beautiful Monday morning. I want to introduce myself as my name is Ryan James Perkins. I’m 24 but will be 25 years old in December. I moved up here to Mercer Island with my ex-fiancé in which him and I split up a week ago tomorrow, after 5 years on and off. As this didn’t work out because it’s unhealthy, I’ve come to terms that I just need something for at least 6 months while I rebuild finances and find something to begin my new life in this world. I identify as Pansexual. I moved here from Central Oregon on August 20th, so I’m living with my now ex at this time. I don’t have much because I will admit, I came unprepared but my subconscious choice felt it was appropriate to leave Oregon as I lived there my entire life and I’m now healing from all the abuse and trauma I had endured while living there. I have a mental health condition but I’m healthy and have it under control. I’m very spiritual and always have nothing but faith. I’m very neat and clean. Organized. I love to read intriguing books. I love documentaries often. I keep to myself but am very talkative and love deep conversations. I’m more of an old soul. I’m not on social media anymore. I love writing. I worked in the healthcare field in Alzheimer’s and Dementia for 9 years. I don’t drink anymore as I quit a while ago as I don’t want to go through that since I’ve been around too many alcoholics in my life, and alcoholism runs in my family on my mothers side. I have some income from work when I had a job in Bellevue but I lost it recently last Monday because of a silly and poor choice I made and so I don’t have much income at the moment because I also have bills like anyone else in which I had to pay. But I found two part time jobs where the energy felt so vibrant and I was in love. So I’m going to be applying for both. I’m looking for someone on the older side who can offer a spare room while take time for healing as well as building my finances back up better. I can negotiate on just about anything. I need someone whom I can sign an lease agreement through a homeowner or whatever comes to play rather than a lease agreement through a company because of my poor past choices preventing me on getting an apartment on my own which is also contributed due to poor credit as well. So I’m changing my life for the better. I’ve been doing the work and so I believe in my soul that I came here to Washington for a reason. I need to stay on Mercer Island, so whichever wonderful soul see’s this. I would be able to do Seattle, but I’d rather not. I personally would prefer to remain here on this beautiful Island. Please reach out to me!
Minimum term
6 months
Maximum term
8 months
Looking in
  • Mercer Island
Amenities required
  • shared living room
  • washing machine
  • garden/roof terrace
  • balcony
About me
Any pets?
music, reading, hiking, writing, fitness, outdoors, animals, walking, cleaning, meditation, exploring, coffee, psychology, philosophy, learning
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