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  • Darla
  • 72, professional female
  • Large room wanted

Total budget: $850 /month


$850 / minimum 250ft² - seeking to move to a quiet rental space, house-share or house-rent or house-sit, 1-2 rooms, around Phoenix or other areas of Arizona in a rural or country area, flexible beginning September 2024, October at the latest. Please understand the long length of the ad is to help to answer questions suggested in landlord/tenant questionnaires to help roommates make the best choice.

My goal is a quiet space in a quiet household and neighborhood, particularly during nighttime sleeping hours (i. e., 10 p. m. - 6 a. m.). Greater Phoenix out-of-the-city areas are perfect, if quiet. (Permanent Arizona resident, currently housesitting in Mesa, Arizona, for the summer months). I prefer not to live in the loudest areas of Phoenix as shown on the national noise transportation map in my photo section.

Month-to-month lease OK or short-term 3-6 months, and longer if we are happy with the living arrangement. Comfortable house-sitting and household management as well.

I am 1 Person Female Senior Citizen who wants to rent 2 separate small to medium size rooms, 1 bedroom and 1 office, or 1 extra large combo room. Prefer private or semi-private bath with access to common living areas.

I am a self-employed personal and professional development consultant and coach. I do not have clients at home, only via phone or Zoom, or at their home or business location.

Photo of my current office and bedroom is attached as a general illustration.

Allergic to dogs and cats and horses.

Tons of references. Former business consultant, former real estate broker, educated, and psychic. I can rent from any age, male or female.

I prefer a drug-free quieter household and I offer the same. I know it's important for a lot of people to know that I am in very good health, not religious (metaphysical, yes), politically independent, have no pets, no children, try to live wholesome, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs legal or illegal, no weed, no vaping, no 420, I promise no partying on my part in the home, no loud music or television (I don't have one), no electronic gaming, no vulgarity, no overnight guests, no romantic liaisons, no drama relationships, no criminal background,

Do NOT need amenities such as pool, etc. On a limited budget. Total with utilities $850/month.
01 Sep 2024
Minimum term
1 month
Maximum term
12 months
Looking in
  • Maricopa county
  • Phoenix
Amenities required
  • Private bathroom
  • off street parking
About me
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outdoors, walking, meditation, vegetarian, personal development, mountains, stand-up comedy, science fiction, philanthropy, libraries, job, meditation training
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Don't mind
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No preference specified
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